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Church ERP Accounting Software

Churches have need for accountability above and below. Putting all software processes into one ERP system yields better reporting, stewardship, and accountability.
  • Better manage multiple church sites or campuses with our Cloud ERP that can be accessed from any web browser, any device, anywhere.
  • Automate donor reporting quarterly, annually, at any interval.
  • Turn Audits into a breeze in the wind
  • True Fund Accounting allows you to better allocate and reserve funds for specific purposes.
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Benefits of a Cloud ERP for your Church

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software allows all your users to be within one system, regardless of whether they’re at your location in your office. Accessible from any web browser, or via our free mobile app, NonProfit+ is perfect for churches that value outreach and missions, and/or that have multiple locations.

The benefits to each church will vary as the software is very customizable and flexible. We would love to chat with you and discuss the specifics of how Nonprofit+ can benefit your church.

Define the structure of your General Ledger accounts and sub-accounts. Organize your reporting and analysis configuration by defining segments, segment lengths, and segment values.
Generate invoices, send statements, collect and apply payments, verify balances, track commissions, and deliver customer reports.
Manage vendor invoices, automate payment processing, predict cash requirements, track vendor balances, optimize available discounts, and deliver vendor reports.

Track fixed assets and manage depreciation calculations. Create accurate financial reports, maximize tax benefits, and meet compliance requirements. Maintain complete visibility of fixed assets and depreciation calculations. Add fixed assets directly from AP purchases, import from a file, or add individually.

Any Device, Anywhere

Get the accounting details you need, faster, and more accurately. Limit user error, while getting time + expense details from many more access points.

Own Your Data, Better Backups, Less IT Staff

There good reason why so much software is going to the cloud. It’s the future and you should get there, sooner rather than later. The sooner you make the change, the less you’ll have spent when you take a look back, many years from now.

Unlimited Users

Unique to our ERP software, you can add your elders, pastors, missionaries, volunteers without worrying about adding per user costs for every user. You want an inclusive accounting system, not a cost prohibitively inclusive software.

Non Profit Accounting

Finally, a software that truly automates fund accounting. Automatic due-to due-from journal entries. Highly configurable.
Limit who has access to particular funds and cash accounts. Setup permissions + restrictions to implement better accountability. You can’t be more accountable than our ERP software system allows you to be.
Utilize encumbrances, budget alerts, and restrictions to prevent going over budget, to have a better financial picture of the year and the years to come.

Better Financials + Reporting

There’s nothing that better displays accountability than comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards. NonProfit+ provides you with tons of prebuilt reports but also empowers you to create dynamic, real-time reports and dashboards to meet all your reporting needs, whether for the IRS, the State, your elders, auditors, volunteers, or your members. Show users what they need to see, no more no less.
Charts, Reports, and Dashboards that you can drill down into the details of. Each users login can be customized to show that user the dashboards and stats that they need to see. Easily bookmark frequently used screens. For frequent queries utilize saved filters.
NonProfit+ is rich in report building capability. Easily build dashboards and charts. With a little more work build generic inquiry screens using any of the data from your databases.
Easily download many tables and reports to Excel. Upload certain things like COA or GL from Excel into NonProfit+. “Excel-based” Reporting that syncs the system with Excel reports locally, is also available as an add-on

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