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ERP software for schools is important in the modern world. If you’re using multiple systems, there’s no reason they shouldn’t all be connected, integrated to one system. Have one “source of record,” one “source of truth.”

Stronger Accounting, Connected Accounting

Accurate data, faster approvals, quicker closes. NonProfit+ automates fund accounting, helps you manage restricted funds, manage grants and scholarships as a grantor or grantee.

Fund Accounting

Automate fund accounting and better keep your funds in balance. Manage Restricted Funds by limiting your COA, Employees, and Subaccount/Dimensions.

Grant Management

Budget, Report, and Restrict Grants and Scholarships. Get a true financial picture of your commitments by utilizing our Procurement + Encumbrance Accounting, as well. See Budget against Commitments, as well as Budget to Actuals.

Advanced Allocations

In NonProfit+ you have 3 Allocation options. 1. Traditional Allocations – pooling and then allocating. 2. Distribution Codes – allocating during data entry. 3 – Advanced Allocations – for Investment Pooling, etc.

Accounts Receivable

Payment preferences set by Family and Student. Manage multiple students under one family record. Flexible payment types, ACH, Cash, Check, Credit Card. Utilize Deferred Revenue or Recurring Revenue as needed.

Parent-Child | Family-Student

Easily manage parent/child relationships in NonProfit+ and/or family/student relationships without redundant records.

Recurring Billing / Deferred Revenue

Setup automated, recurring billing payments with start and end dates, renewal terms, schedules. Deferred revenue recognition available via deferred revenue codes on individual line items at invoicing to support your revenue recognition requirements.

Flexible Payment Methods

Allow tuition to paid by ETF, Credit Card, Cash, Check, whatever’s easiest. Receive payments more quickly.

Dynamic Budgeting and Reporting

Multiple Reporting & Budgeting Tools empower you to create reports in GL, AP, AR, Fund, Grant, et al. Use the Generic Inquiry Tool to create reports and Dashboards with any data in the database. Budget by Department, Grant, Program, or else with options to Amend Budget or add Additional Budget.

With the option to use Requests, Requisitions, and Purchase Orders, you can now see a full financial picture of your committed expenses across your entire school, as well as within specific Departments, Programs, Funds, and Grants.

Budget by Account, Account and Subaccount, Inventory Item (Non-Stock Items), or Inventory (Non-Stock Items) and Subaccount.
Drill down into the details of reports and dashboards with a single-click (or double-click), all the way down to the batch and detail of each of the related transactions.
NonProfit+ offers overbudget protection options. Easily configure the system to warn users if their activity is going outside of the budget. Or, beyond a warning, can set an approver to be required, or you can also simply not allow activity that would go over budget. Your choice.
Inside NonProfit+ you’ll multiple reporting tools to create, generate, and automate the delivery of, all the reporting you need. Use the ARM Tool to generate reports in GL. Use the Report Writer to created branded Invoices and End-of-Year Statements. Use the Generic Inquiry tool to compile any data in the database into one chart or dashboard. Use the Odata technology to refresh the data in reports download from Excel, from within Excel, without needing to come back and re-download. Use our integration with Microsoft’s free PowerBI tool to create better visuals of your data and metrics.

Donor Managment

Manage Donors with our internal Donor Management system and enjoy one embedded software system, or integrate with CRM tools like SalesForce or HubSpot with our out-of-the-box integrations. It’s nice to have choices, especially when it comes to fundraising.

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