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Accounting Software for Food Banks

Food banks need the cloud. Running a food bank often requires multiple donation drop-offs, possibly multiple warehouses, volunteer management, strong donor reporting, grant management, and fund accounting. The cloud allows you to manage all of these things in one system, allowing you to see a full financial picture and grow your organization with greater stewardship and accountability, that has a very strong correlation to greater funding through grants and larger donations.
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Warehouse Management

Manage every aspect of your warehouse inside one software system. Manage multiple warehouses, lots, inventory sub-items, expiration dates, and bin locations. Utilize bar code scanners and access the system from any device with a web browser, including tablets and phones.

Inventory Management

Manage all aspects of your inventory, including inventory levels, warehouse location (bin, aisle, shelf), sub-items, expiration dates, multiple warehouses.

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Employ bar code scanners for greater accuracy and speed. Perform your annual inventory count in a fraction of the time.

Requisition Management

Vendor bidding. Automate requests and turn them into POs. Create custom approval workflows.

Nonprofit Accounting

Built from the ground up for nonprofits our software helps you manage fund accounting, restricted funds, encumbrances, and grant management better than any other software out there. Manage volunteers and give your board member a custom login to see dashboards and reports.
Finally, a software that truly automates fund accounting. Automatic due-to due-from journal entries. Highly configurable.
Restrict funds to specific cash accounts and users. Prevent funds from being used for the wrong purposes.
Designed exclusively for nonprofits, our software handles grant management better than any other software out there.
Manage volunteers and track time and expense separate from employee records.

Better Financials + Reporting

Better accounting software creates better financials, better reporting, better accountability.

Accounts Receivable

Automate invoicing and manage donations. Manage donor accounts and improve collections by automating processes and tracking receivables with comprehensive reporting accessible anywhere, any time.

Accounts Payable

Better manage purchasing. Use, VAT, and Withholding Tax Support. Define your own payment approval process.

Reporting: Dynamic, Powerful, Real-time

Build the most dynamic, complex, beautiful, real-time reporting. Customize dashboards on a per user basis. Drill down from any pivot table or pie chart to see the details. The future is here.

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