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Museum financial management erp software

Manage Collections, Customers, Grants, Donations, Volunteers, Board, and more! Prepare for your year-end close to take half the time. Won’t that be nice.

Better Accounting

Strong financial reporting and management should be the foundation for any growing nonprofit organization, museums included. NonProfitPlus empowers you to automate and better regulate your key accounting processes, while also being an open application that’s capable of integrating with many other systems and software. Museums are multi-faceted organizations that can often require high levels of integrations with other systems, be it POS, CRM, AMS or many others. Get all your critical information and details flowing into one system where you can report on everything and manage everything. Provide transparency to your managers into the budgets, funds, and grants that they need to see, and no more. NonProfitPlus is highly configurable to match your business processes and needs. Manage user and user group permissions and restrictions. Set over budget alerts and restrictions. Claim power over your organization’s finances. If all roads lead to Rome (or did at one time), then all accounting details should flow to one system, automatically, real-time.

Automated Fund Accounting

Auto due-to, due-from journal entries. When configured properly, NonProfit+ will significantly ease your accounting burden. Tie funds to specific cash accounts, tie users to specific funds, cash accounts, programs, and grants. Users only see and do what you allow them to.

Program Management

Whether you have funds from donors, or grants tied to a purpose, you’ll be able to setup programs limited to specific users and managers. Create specific budgets that encumbrances and purchases automatically get applied to. User specific dashboards help managers to better know the current status of their projects.

Budget Management

Better control budgeting with 3 different over spending alert options. Managers receive warning and alerts allowing them to take action. Utilize encumbrances to get a full picture of commitments against a budget, fund, grant, or program.

Custom Reporting + Dashboards

NonProfit+ comes with a variety of pre-defined reports that you can use “out of the box,” however, you will also have unprecedented power to create your own reports, whether user-defined or system wide. And with unlimited users, you can give everyone on your Board a login at no extra cost where they can view the dashboards and reports that they need to see…from any web browser, anywhere!
Users can create their own dashboards and customize the software to their liking, without changing it for anyone else. This software is designed to be inclusive, tailored, and useful.
Easily drill down into the details of most dashboards and reports, going to the specific journal entry or activity that’s populating the report, chart, or table.
Create generic inquiry screens that pull data from different databases or tables and unify the data into user determined rows and columns. From the generic inquiry screens you can then populate charts and tables for specific users and user groups.
  • Download data directly to Excel, as you need it.
  • Upload certain charts from Excel into the system.
  • Excel-based reporting that’s tied to the real-time data of the system is also available as an optional add-on.


NonProfit+ powered by Acumatica positions perfectly for the future. Allowing you to be in the cloud, or locally hosted, you can also (quite uniquely) easily make the switch, later, as the need changes. Accessible from any device, anywhere, with unlimited users, and a free mobile app, this is an inclusive software solution that gets everyone, all information flowing into one system, real-time. It’s a beautiful thing.
NonprofitPlus Cloud ERP

Unlimited Users

Control what each specific user will see and have access to, wether they’re just tracking time, or need access to specific accounts or reports, but not others. The power is yours.

In the Cloud

Having your software in the cloud allows you to easily manage everything from any web browser, anywhere. No excuses, anymore, when everyone has access the system, everywhere.

Free Mobile App

When your users are setup to use the mobile app that comes included with the software, you’ll be able to get all the critical accounting info you need, faster, and with less user error.

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