NonProfit+ is helping companies quickly move to a remote workforce. Our customers are working remotely-effortlessly-and they are resilient in response to the COVID-19 virus situation.

See what they’re saying.

NonProfit+™ is built on the award-winning, ERP-leading Acumatica framework. Truly embedded in Acumatica, the tabs, modules, screens, and reports all look consistent across the UI + UX.
Our software is design to be customized to the needs of your nonprofit with various modules and suites that you can either implement, partially implement, or leave out. We have the ability to tailor the software to your various use-cases and needs, while also perfectly positioning you for the future, with a system that can easily be built out or integrated with other systems, going forward.
NonprofitPlus Cloud ERP

Nonprofit Accounting Suite

With the features of our Nonprofit Accounting Suite your audits and year-end close will be breeze. Engineered specifically for nonprofits with fund management, restricted funds, grant management, encumbrance accounting…

Financial Management Suite

As an ERP built on the Acumatica framework, of course we offer: GL, AR, AP, Cash Management, Inter-Company Accounting, Multiple Currency, Time & Expense, Payroll, Recurring Revenue Management…

Procurement Management Suite

If you’re a nonprofit that needs any of the following, our software can significantly help your organization. NonProfit+ can manage: Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Requisitions…

Unlimited Users

Other software companies charge per user, which means anytime you want to add even just one user you’re forced to pay more. It also encourages you to limit the amount of people that use the system. With NonProfit+ you have unlimited users, so you can be more inclusive and grow unimpeded.

In the Cloud

Software in the Cloud is the present and future. When anyone in your organization can log in from any web browser, on any device, you can imagine the possibilities are endless.

Mobile App

With a mobile app that comes with the software, that can also be customized to your organizations needs, anyone in your organization can still be connected when they leave the office, that is…if they should be…or want to be.