NonProfit+ is helping companies quickly move to a remote workforce. Our customers are working remotely-effortlessly-and they are resilient in response to the COVID-19 virus situation.

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Custom Software Development

Of course your organization isn’t like every other nonprofit. Your business has its own systems and processes. Many times these organizational idiosyncrasies result in customizations to NonProfitPlus, and that’s quite alright.

Having built NonProfitPlus to be embedded in the Acumatica framework, we are intimately familiar with the software, with the code, and we welcome customizations to tailor the software to your needs. Additionally, as many of our customers require customization, it puts us in a unique position to have a head start on building yours, having been down many custom paths.

Do you have unique use cases or requirements? We’d love to discuss them with you.

Our Process

  • 1 Discovery Call – Feasibility, Budget, Timeline
  • 2 Scope of Work + Sign-off.
  • 3 Design Docs
  • 4 Project Timeline with Delivery Dates
  • 5 Testing, Tweaks, and Modifications
  • 6 Go Live – Rollout and Sign-off.

Do you have questions about a new or existing implementation? Please use the form below to let us know how we can help!

Acumatica does deliver – The Connected Business, Rapid Integrations, Remote Collaboration, Business Resilience, and all Delivered on a Future Proof platform.