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Grant Management software system

Grant Tracking Software Designed for Nonprofits

Managing grants is an afterthought in most nonprofit accounting software systems. We engineered our product natively, from the ground up, to allow you to manage, track, process and report on grants, we do not repurpose other modules to imitate the grant system. The grant management software allows you to easily complete the daily and monthly tasks, such as ensuring proper data entry, manage budgets with overspending protection, track expenses, perform the draw down process and maintain proper reporting requirements. Grant money should be a gift, not a burden.
  • Manage Grants from Pre-Award to Expiration seamlessly.
  • Capture files, notes, tasks, communications and other activities within each grant defined.
  • Configure indirects specific to the grantor’s requirements.
  • Automated grant Draw Down process for Reimbursement, Restricted Revenue Release and Revenue Recognition.
  • Indirects tracked automatically within the draw down process
  • Clear visibility to the draw down details for grantor transparency.
  • Informative and understandable out-of-the-box reports with the ability to drill down to the original document for viewing.

Better Manage Your Grants

Manage all aspects of your Grants in one system. Manage files, notes, budgets, natural accounts, dimensions, employees, activities, categories (classes), managers, and more…
Don’t wait until there’s a problem, protect your funding sources today! Your organization depends on it.
“The best grant management system I’ve ever seen.”
Judy, in D.C.

Drillable Grant Dashboards

Real-time Dashboards help a user see the information in graphical presentation. Each user can have their own specific dashboard that serves best there needs. See something amiss? Drill down with a double-click to see more details. Dashboard widgets can also flow through to the mobile app that is included with the system.

Grant Summary Screen

The Grant Summary Screen is a strong example of the many inquiries available to query the grant data within the system. From this inquiry you can launch additional details and presentation of the grant data like: Grant by Account, Grant by Account and Sub account, Grant by Entry Code, Grant by Vendor and Employees and more. Each inquiry has the ability to drill down to the details that support the hyperlinked amount. You can also view the original sourced document with a click. Data is accessible with ease.
This form allows a complete picture of your financial commitments on all Grants, giving you greater visibility into expenses that have been posted to General Ledger as well as expenses that will process through the various data points.

Reserved – Any Request or Requisitions tied to a Grant

Encumbered – Any Purchase Orders tied to a Grant.

Unposted – Any unposted activity tied to the Grant, including Time & Expense and activity awaiting Approval.

Actual – Any activity that’s posted to the General Ledger, approved and posted.

Committed = Reserved + Encumbered + Unposted + Actual.

Revised Budget = Budget + Amended + Additional Budget.

Available = Revised Budgeted – Committed.

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