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Software Training

Training is an important part of any software system, especially during implementation and immediately after go-live. Just as one must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle or practice medicine, employees must understand how to do their work in their accounting system and should understand how it effects other areas downstream. We offer a number of consulting services related to training. Our staff have years of experience in software training, adult education and curriculum design.

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We have developed a tool called AcuCademy to support all of our nonprofit ERP implementations. Through AcuCademy, we currently offer 13 courses with over 200 brief instructional quizzes. End users enjoy a rich, authentic learning experience that can be completed when they are available to engage in training activities. Our courses currently cover all of the Acumatica Financial Suite modules. We also offer procurement courses and a number of additional configuration courses.
Although our eTraining resource can be used as a stand-alone training system for any implementation, clients often request face to face training on-site at their location. This is often most applicable when day to day operations require a high level of aptitude from the point of going live. An example of this would be in a distribution center or warehouse, where staff might be using bar code scanners, printing labels, and shipping goods.
In addition to our eTraining and on-site training opportunities, we offer remote, instructor-led training. This allows us to connect via screen share with employees in different locations to learn how to use the system. We prepare training activities and hands-on practice to enable users to gain a high-level of comfort in the system.
We have the technical resources on staff to provide your organization training in the most technical aspects of our accounting system. This could include integration maintenance, report writing, generic inquiry creation, or SQL manipulation. Take a look at our award winning, cloud-based technology to learn more.

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