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Foundation Accounting Software

Accounting at Foundations big and small is all about solid fund accounting, grant management, and donation management. Whether you give out 4,000 grants or 4, you need to report back to your foundation members concise financials and activity.

Better Accountability

Accountability is critical for maintaining your Foundation’s status, for keeping the IRS happy. In addition, everything you can do to show and prove your accountability, will help build donor confidence and increase the efficacy of audits.

Fund Accounting

Better manage and account all funds and required distributable amount.

Restricted Funds

Limit which users have access to which funds. Link funds to specific cash accounts

Budget Management

Create budgets and set overage warnings, restrictions, or manager approvals.

Better Reporting

Reporting is essential to a foundation. It seems like everyone wants a report! And a different kind! NonProfit+ provides you with tons of prebuilt reports but also empowers you to create dynamic, real-time reports and dashboards to meet all your reporting needs, whether for the IRS, your donors, or your key stakeholders. Powerful report building functionality.

Easily generate FASB 117 Reports with Statements: Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Cash Flows, Functional Expenses

List + Warnings – Keeping a real-time list is highly recommend

Download information to Excel or Upload Excel docs as needs be. Excel-based reporting is also an option (Add-on)


NonProfit+ uniquely positions your foundation for the the future in a number of ways. We’ve listed some of the benefits on this page, but we’d love to show you the software so you can see for yourself.
NonprofitPlus Cloud ERP

A Case Study: Cesar Chavez Foundation

The Cesar Chavez Foundation successfully runs NonProfit+ powered by Acumatica for their nonprofit accounting, including managing many grants. Here in their own words how it’s going…

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