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Hospital ERP Management Software System

As a large system of critical information, a Hospital of any size should run an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. At Nonprofit+ we’d like to show you why your hospital erp should be in the cloud. Although, if your software must be on premise, we can do that too. In fact, our software, embedded in the Acumatica framework, is one of the only systems that can start on premise and then easily be moved to the cloud, so keep that in mind, too. While you may not prefer the cloud today, or be able to, you may in 3, 5 or 7 years from. Set yourself up for the future with NonProfit+.

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  • Better control funds, budgets, grants, and reporting
  • Create a better system for accountability.
  • Get the information you need faster while reducing user error.
  • Close your months and years in half the time.
  • With better software you can finally fire those really annoying employees that you don’t need anymore.

Fund Accounting

As a not-for-profit organization, your financial software should emphasize your accountability rather than your profitability. The Fund Accounting System allows nonprofits

Grant Management

Managing grants is an afterthought in most nonprofit accounting software systems. We engineered our product natively, from the ground up, to allow you to manage

Encumbrance Accounting

Do you wish you could get a better picture of your organization’s true financial snapshot at any moment? We understand your need to reserve funds to fulfill a future obligation. 

Better Compliance + Accountability

Dynamic, real-time reporting not only helps you have a full financial picture, but also produces the highest level of compliancy.
The Fund Management Module provides the ability to define and manage how cash is received and expended without over-complicating the data entry process.
Non Profit+ empowers you to create the most seamless, dynamic, automated audit trail that will ensure your year end close is faster and more painless than ever before.
NonProfit+ provides you with tons of prebuilt reports but also empowers you to create dynamic, real-time reports and dashboards to meet all your reporting needs, whether for the IRS, the State, the City, Auditors, and Boards.


There are many benefits that NonProfit+ can bring to your hospital, all of which we’d love to exhibit for you. Our non profit ERP software better positions your organization for the future using the most current technology, better. Priced for inclusion get everyone using the same system, finally.

NonprofitPlus Cloud ERP

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