guy on the rise similar to how grant management is on the rise

The Reasons Why Grant Management Software is on the Rise

The Reasons Why Grant Management Software is on the Rise Writing grants can be a complex process and one requiring plenty of specialized knowledge. It’s also a process requiring plenty of organization, so it’s no surprise many organizations are now turning to grant management tools to help manage things and make sure nothing is missed […]

Best Practices for Grant Management in Nonprofit Organizations

  Non Pofit Best Practices Best Practices for Grant Management in Nonprofit Organizations Grant management is the backbone of every successful nonprofit organization. With a significant portion of funds deriving from this form of fundraising, the future of even the most dedicated nonprofits can look bleak without efficient grant management solutions. Anyone with experience at […]

NonProfitPlus client WorldHope International Awarded 2019 NonProfit of The Year

NonProfitPlus client WorldHope International Awarded 2019 NonProfit of The Year Recently, at the 2019 Acumatica Summit in Houston, we were able to speak with one of our clients WorldHope International about the positive impact that NonProfitPlus has had on their organization. This interview is with Gayle Rietmulder, who is the CFO of World Hope International. […]

Foundation Success Story – NonProfitPlus Powered by Acumatica

  Foundation Accounting Software Foundation Success Story – NonProfitPlus Powered by Acumatica We love to spotlight customer success, especially for organizations that focus on doing good in the community. The Cesar Chavez foundation is one of them. Watch the video below to see what the staff at Cesar Chavez thinks about the Acumatica – NonProfitPlus™ […]

United Way Long Island Awarded Management of Poverty Grant by New York OTDA

  United Way Long Island to Manage NY Poverty Grant As part of Governor Cuomo’s Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative, the United Way of Long Island will be managing a $1.5 Million grant to help Hempstead Village. With great power (or grant money) comes great responsibility. It it imperative in any grant management relationship such […]

Sustainable Water Management Grant for Scituate

Sustainable Water Management Grant for Scituate, MA Congratulations to Scituate, MA on their recent Sustainable Water Management Grant of $115,250 “intended for water conservation, source and demand management and other water withdrawal planning and mitigation projects.” Grant Management on grants like these is incredibly important for not only the integrity and conservation of the water […]

Why Use NonProfit Accounting Software

Accounting Software Helps Control Costs One of the best ways for any business to manage expenses and maximize profits is to use accounting software.  Well designed accounting software will help any business to govern costs while boosting the efficiency with incoming cash flows and payments, outgoing bill payments and liabilities, and payroll are handled.  This is an important […]

NonProfitPlus, A full Featured, Cloud Based Nonprofit Accounting Software Suite, Powered by Acumatica, Will Revolutionize Your Business Process.

Accounting software with new technology that meets the specific needs of501(c) (3) organizations. NonProfitPlus, powered by Acumatica, is pleased to announce our new nonprofit accounting software. NonProfitPlus is a cloud accounting solution which recognizes that 501(c) (3) organizations are unique in the way they record and report activity.  For example, rather than tracking grants in a […]

What Does Acumatica Say About NonProfitPlus?

“NonProfitPlus powered by Acumatica is a commanding addition to the award winning financial suite of Acumatica.” Providing functionality specific to not for profits and non government organizations including fund accounting, encumbrance processing, grant management. This enables NonProfitPlus to be the choice of executive directors and chief financial officers when selecting to carry their organization into the future. True Accounting […]

Find The Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

Choosing Cloud-Based Nonprofit Accounting Software As Nonprofit organizations grow so do the day-to-day challenges. No matter which not-for-profit sector (education, health, business and commerce, churches and faith-based, the arts, community service, etc.) scaling is difficult when organizational growth occurs. While your nonprofit organization expands in size and more obstacles arise, your operations and administration will […]