Running Your Own Non Profit Accounting Software Selection Process

Running Your Own Nonprofit Accounting Software Selection Process   So, you’ve taken the leap and decided to replace your clunky, old accounting software. Your staff has grown tired of the seemingly infinite number of work-arounds, and your funding sources (donors, grantors, etc.) are looking for better reports and a tighter audit trail. What’s next? Shopping […]

Accounting Software for Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organizations

Accounting Software for Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organizations Implementing nonprofit ERP accounting software is tough work. Given that projects can can take anywhere from sixty days to 9 months (or more), it is important to select a vendor that you can trust to complete the work and deliver a system that you will use for many years. […]

Staying Motivated While Achieving Your Nonprofit’s Mission

If your New Year’s resolution has made it through Q1 of 2016, congratulations! If you are like most people, however, your lofty goals for exercise and professional growth ended a few weeks into the new year. With temperatures rising and Spring just around the corner, now is just as good of a time as any […]

Nonprofit Accounting Software in Portland Maine

Nonprofit Accounting Software in Portland Maine   About two years ago, I started looking to seriously move to Portland, Maine after spending four years in the Philadelphia suburbs. At the time, our friends and family were shocked that we would want to leave our house, jobs and comfort zone to migrate to the “frozen tundra” […]

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Nonprofit Accounting Software

During an initial discovery meeting we review each of our clients current accounting needs to help identify the proper software solution. Many organizations are highly organized and achieve great success in their programs, but their accounting software fails to include 5 traits that will empower a nonprofit to be more effective. Here, you’ll learn about […]