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Restricted Funds management

Nonprofit Organizations live within a complex legal and financial environment. Although restricted funds are a welcomed source of funding, nonprofits are legally obligated to honor donor directives regarding the use of their gifts. The Fund Management Module provides the ability to define and manage how cash is received and expended without over-complicating the data entry process.
  • Properly define funds and eliminate the commingling of cash.
  • Allows users to define the uses and restrictions by fund, including restrictions by accounts, sub accounts, and employee/user restriction on data entry screens.
  • Reports available out of the box.

In the Cloud

Having your software in the cloud allows you to easily manage everything from virtually anywhere.

Unlimited Users

Control what each specific user will see and have access to, whether they’re just tracking time, or need access to specific accounts, but not others. The power is yours.
Acumatica does deliver – The Connected Business, Rapid Integrations, Remote Collaboration, Business Resilience, and all Delivered on a Future Proof platform.