NonProfit+ is helping companies quickly move to a remote workforce. Our customers are working remotely-effortlessly-and they are resilient in response to the COVID-19 virus situation.

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Volunteer management

Our software allows you to setup as many volunteers in the system as you’d like. Provide volunteers with very restricted logins that allow them to track time and submit receipts. In the User Role settings, you can limit the accounts that volunteers are able to track time and expense to. NonProfit+ helps you keep your books clean by limiting the possibilities for user error.

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  • Volunteer Records and Employee Records are kept separate.
  • Allow Volunteers to track Time + Expense directly in the software through a web browser or mobile app.
  • Convert Volunteers to Donors and Donors to Volunteers.

Unlimited Users

Have as many volunteers in the system as you like, with no additional cost.

Free Mobile App

Allows Volunteers to submit their time and upload receipts on-the-go. Get the accounting details you need, faster than ever before.
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