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Considering that software solutions are ideas coded into automated programs, the impersonal stereotype of accounting software starts to show its human face when you look at the people behind the code.
When looking for the best products or services in any industry, it’s important to seek out the visionaries and leaders, learning about their stories, passions and experience. We may often associate accounting software solutions to the engineers that develop the modules or the consultants that implement and deliver the product, but it is equally as important to understand the visionaries behind the scenes.

Accounting Software that meets the needs of nonprofits


One such visionary is Bill Dean. Mr. Dean is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with thirty plus years of experience in accounting. He has extensive experience with the particular requirements of nonprofit organizations.
In the course of his career, Bill has traveled the breadth of the United States extensively meeting, training, and consulting with the accounting professionals in both the for-profit the nonprofit field. He has a depth of technical experience that sets him apart from his peers. This has given him insight into what works as well as what is needed to successfully meet the accounting needs of nonprofit organizations.

Acumatica and NonProfitPlus


Bill Dean’s tenure as the founder of Accounting System Integrators, LLC, a certified Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics SL partner, has given him the specialized knowledge to bring the NonProfitPlus Accounting Software Suite to the market. Using his years of experience and accounting expertise, he has been able to develop the cloud-based accounting software that helps nonprofit organizations manage their finances and achieve the mission.
Acumatica is on the cutting edge of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small to medium sized businesses (SMB). Mr. Dean’s insights, experience, and passion enabled him to bring this precise package, built on the Acumatica platform, to the market which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the nonprofit industry.

Designed with precision for nonprofits


The accounting requirements of nonprofit organizations are unique and highly specialized compared to a for profit businesses. In the past, this has meant using traditional accounting software and then employing numerous “work around” or band aid solutions in order to meet the industry best practices.
With NonProfitPlus, these issues are fully resolved with a cloud-based system precisely tailored to meet and exceed all reporting requirements.

All the benefits of cloud-based software


The development of this industry leading licensing model allows unlimited users in an organization to participate in their appropriate role, all from inside on unified system. This means that everyone from the executive staff to the AP clerk can access the system to perform tasks they need to complete. The use of cloud-based software enables accurate, up to date information to be available for those who need it in real time. Time consuming and costly software updates are now done automatically and state of the art encryption eliminates security concerns.

Provident High quality hands-on training


In addition to creating a robust nonprofit accounting suite, Bill recognized another area in which nonprofits needed support: Training. Training, or the lack of it, has been an issue for all forms of accounting software for many years. Users of NonProfitPlus enjoy unlimited access to more than 200 brief, instructional videos, wrapped in engaging courses. This allows for superior training at all levels of an organization while reducing costs.

Thank you Bill Dean and NonProfitPlus


Written by: Bill Dean

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