NonProfitPlus client WorldHope International Awarded 2019 NonProfit of The Year

Recently, at the 2019 Acumatica Summit in Houston, we were able to speak with one of our clients WorldHope International about the positive impact that NonProfitPlus has had on their organization. This interview is with Gayle Rietmulder, who is the CFO of World Hope International. You will hear her explain how they were once using multiple accounting programs in various locations around the world. The result was frustration. They were using multiple programs to manage multiple currency activity. They were consolidating multiple programs into a single source for reporting which resulted in 30-day delayed month end reporting. therefore, pulling the data together was time consuming. They endured the frustration of not having information readily available to assist with decision making. Watch the video below to hear the interview with Gayle.

NonProfitPlus powered by Acumatica, has resolved many pain points by providing a single resource for all activity; domestic and international. They are now able to work with multiple currencies and obtain accurate and real time data that provides for quicker and improved decision-making. In addition, the use of Grant Management to track grant expenses enables grant managers the ability to manage each grant and review accurate information regarding grant spending compared to budget with drill down to activity details. Grant Managers have become more productive, and able to better focus their time on grant activities and grant purposes.

Congratulations on being awarded NonProfit of the Year at the 2019 Acumatica Summit. All the best as you continue to impact people’s lives around the world.

Background:World Hope International has been using NonProfitPlus powered by Acumatica as there NonProfit Accounting software for over 2 years with great results.
Written by: Bill Dean

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